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Thank god the statute of limitations is up for me

October 31, 2008

Although not senile at the time, I once tricked my grandmother into doing a rap video.

Are you there, Jesus? It’s me, obnoxiously loud person in a movie theater

October 4, 2008

I caught Religulous last night with Replicant & Lady T.  Certainly not a mind-blowing documentary but I don’t think Bill Maher, being a comedian to his core, meant it to be.  Accentuated by timely sound effect, music and video clips, it comes off as a funny movie.  I was discouraged, however, at the crowd lining I saw lining up for the movie.  Thinking the Circle would be a place that would attract more people closer to my age (and taste, so…obviously being hip is what I’m getting at), I was instead disappointed to be swarmed by Boomers.  Not only that, they couldn’t shut the hell up throughout the entire movie.  That aspect was awful & the lack of manners\self-awareness\whatever is what Replicant & I swear will drive us out of movie theaters for good.  Empty threats, I know, but let us vent.

p.s. I won VP Debate Bingo.  You’re reading the blog of a winner. How does that feel?

Set my heart a Twitter

April 30, 2008

So, wait: just when I have this blogging thingy mastered, now comes micro-blogging? (Actually, it’s been out a while).

These are not far-fetched questions

March 27, 2008


I’m the Edward R. Murrow of blogging

December 7, 2007

Actually, it’s probably more like Wayne Murrow…..

Ditch Microsoft Office

December 6, 2007

Now, I’d be remiss if I did not mention that Office 2007 Ultimate is available to students for about $60 until the end of April. Although it has lots of sexy features, it requires a lot more of your computer’s resources.

And although Google Docs is available anywhere you can get online (note: yes, English majors, I used “is” and not “are” because I’m referring to the singular product “Google Docs” & not the plural, so you can unpucker now), Google indexes a copy of all the contents. You didn’t actually think you had privacy online, did you?

Arts & Common Crafts

July 8, 2007

Common Craft is at it again. In an earlier post, I linked to a video describing RSS in a straightforward manner. They now have another great video posted that explains what a wiki in plain English. Check it out.

Oy! Kiss my RSS!

April 27, 2007

     This video is clever, kind of funny, and the most straightforward way that I’ve seen (so far) to explain RSS using common (read: non-tech) terms & concepts.