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Smoke bombs

September 24, 2007

It’s interesting how sheer terror can cloud one’s memory.

This afternoon, after an unusually busy & frustrating morning, I was heading out of my office. As I was leaving, I sighed & uttered the apropos (and unedited) phrase, “F me.”

Here’s where the cloudiness sets in: I cannot remember whether I uttered it before I opened my door or as I was walking out of my office. The timing in this instance matters because as I take the 4th step from my office, I glance through the open door of a classroom, full of 30+ students quietly taking a test, to meet the eyes of the professor looking (disapprovingly, in my estimation) over their glasses at me. I am immediately awash with fear & struck with a mild, targeted form of amnesia as I cannot remember the point at which I unleashed the f bomb. I continue to walk down the hall with my eyes wide & my hand over my mouth as if I have just seen my grandmother naked……….again.

Remember in cartoons when a villain (or Batman) needs to make a timely escape & does so by releasing smoke bombs to cloak their flight? I was in dire need of such tools.