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Ok, now it’s REALLY official

July 10, 2008

Referencing an earlier post, the Congressional passage of the bill to expand the federal government’s surveillance powers further reinforces my belief that Congress, and especially the Dems as they’re the ones in charge, is a pack of spineless wieners when it comes to standing up for what is right, which not coincidentally tends to be on the opposite side of Dumb Dumb & his administration’s actions.

From the NYT article: The measure gives the executive branch broader latitude in eavesdropping on people abroad and at home who it believes are tied to terrorism, and it reduces the role of a secret intelligence court in overseeing some operations. Of great importance in this bill is the provision that grants immunity to the telecommunication companies who collaborated with the government to illegally wiretap the phone calls of Americans after 9/11.

Again from the article: There is nothing to fear in the bill, said Senator Christopher S. Bond, the Missouri Republican who was a lead negotiator, “unless you have Al Qaeda on your speed dial.” Dumb ass. That line might play in Hooterville but it don’t got no legs with those of us with book learnin. Actually, book learnin has nothing to do with it. Being an American has everything to do with it and blatently violating the privacy of Americans affects us all.

I was quite disappointed to see B.O. amend cower from his earlier stance promising to filibuster any bill granting immunity to telecom companies. Maybe he needs a new campaign poster:

It’s official

February 12, 2008

Senate Democrats are wussies. At least 20 of them are anyway. These 20 voted to end debate on a bill to provide immunity for the phone companies who cooperated with the government’s warrantless spying program. By ending the debate, the phone companies are effectively provided immunity from prosecution.

Don’t buy any of the b.s. about the government “selectively” data mining. Just ask Mark Klein, an employee of AT&T for 20+ years, who discovered that the entire flow of AT&T’s Internet traffic in several operational centers was being diverted to the NSA. It appears to be yet another instance of our civil liberties “dropping the soap in the shower” with this administration standing behind us, ready to pounce.

And for all the Googlephobes out there: at least they stood up to the guvment & refused to hand over search data.