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Are you there, Jesus? It’s me, obnoxiously loud person in a movie theater

October 4, 2008

I caught Religulous last night with Replicant & Lady T.  Certainly not a mind-blowing documentary but I don’t think Bill Maher, being a comedian to his core, meant it to be.  Accentuated by timely sound effect, music and video clips, it comes off as a funny movie.  I was discouraged, however, at the crowd lining I saw lining up for the movie.  Thinking the Circle would be a place that would attract more people closer to my age (and taste, so…obviously being hip is what I’m getting at), I was instead disappointed to be swarmed by Boomers.  Not only that, they couldn’t shut the hell up throughout the entire movie.  That aspect was awful & the lack of manners\self-awareness\whatever is what Replicant & I swear will drive us out of movie theaters for good.  Empty threats, I know, but let us vent.

p.s. I won VP Debate Bingo.  You’re reading the blog of a winner. How does that feel?

I’ve been chumpatized

September 17, 2007

kongOn Sunday, Lady Tinkleton & I saw “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” at the Art Museum. Having played video games most of my life (although not to the extent of those on screen), I was really looking forward to this film. It chronicles the culture of gaming, specifically the original arcade classics such as Donkey Kong, Centipede, Pac-Man, Defender, etc., but mostly focuses on a rivalry between 2 world class Donkey Kongers: Billy Mitchell (Gamer of the Century, ass) and Steve Wiebe (middle school science teacher, derelict father).

At a gaming competition in 1982, Mitchell set the record for Donkey Kong at 874, 300 points. In 2003, Wiebe attempted to & successfully did break Mitchell’s score by playing, for hours on end, on his personal Donkey Kong, Jr. arcade machine in his garage. This set off a nationwide competition between the two, ripe with the kind of passive aggressive, anti-social behaviors you would expect from hardcore gamers.

I really liked this film. Apparently, so did CineRobot. This is the kind of film I enjoy not just because I could relate to it on a personal level due to my past & present gaming, but also for the bad ass, “magazine full of hairstyles that you flip through while waiting for a hair cut” look of Billy Mitchell. Also, there is a strategically timed performance by Leonard Cohen, tied into the creation of Billy’s look, that is just priceless.

The Dude abides

August 13, 2007

Saturday night was the showing of The Big Lebowski at the Renegade Picture Show. It was great. There were lots of people in attendance & there was even a bowling tournament before the show. I was ousted in the first round, but I made a comeback to win the costume contest.


Here are some photos. Thanks to Brian for the Dude getup. It was well received. Below are pictures of Me-bowski & Lebowski for comparison.

I also came across this clip that shows each instance of the 281 times that the F word is uttered. I hadn’t noticed that it was said this much in the film. Be forewarned: it’s about 2 minutes worth of the F bomb.