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A huckster’s comeuppance

December 4, 2007

God told him to resign. God did.

Oh Dick.

Your staggering arrogance amazes me.

It wasn’t the alleged abuses of your flock’s funds.

It wasn’t the multiple overwhelming votes of “no confidence” from the faculty.

It wasn’t the threat of the provost (and former dean of the business school) to resign due to your fiscal ineptitude.

Hell, it didn’t even begin to address your “healing” powers received via your genetic conduit to God. (By the way, since your dad was spiritually charged to find a cure for cancer years ago, how’s that going? Guess I missed the Christmas letter).

It was God, Dick. It. Was. God.

You know, if I didn’t have family of friends associated with your institution or think that its closing would negatively impact Tulsa, I’d be on the front row cheering for the legal system to deliver the match-ending suplex you so deserve.