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o, hai

July 8, 2008

Miss me, dear readers? I’ve sure missed you. You see, after making it through my first 100 blog posts, I decided to take a little respite. At least that’s what I have now decided to declare it. As is the nature with a blog, I’m only really writing to express something I’ve recently been thinking about. It doesn’t have much, if any, impact on anyone else but for some reason, y’all keep tuning in to see what I’ll say next….and I thank you.

So to the point: for those Hillary supporters I have heard complaining about the outcome of the Democratic primary, primarily through print & video [and fortunately from no one in my own life], and who are threatening to vote for McCain, I have a few numbers for you: 88, 72, 68, 53.

88 is the age of the oldest of the 4 liberal Supreme Court Justices, John Paul Stevens.
72 is the age of the oldest of the 5 conservative Supreme Court Justices, Antonin Scalia.
68 is the age of the youngest of the 4 liberal Supreme Court Justices, David Souter.
53 is the age of the youngest of the 5 conservative Supreme Court Justices, John Roberts.

Go ahead, HRC supporters, and vote for McCain. See what happens when the current laws you hold dear to your heart & to your cause come before a Supreme Court to which John McCain will make at least one appointment. So suck it up, decompress for a few months, get a little perspective, then get onboard. K?

VP pick em

April 16, 2008

In a move to stimulate interaction with my loyal readers (and also because I’m genuinely curious), I would like to have a contest (with no prizes) to guess who the vice-presidential candidates might be this fall. You can make multiple guesses for each possible presidential candidate. I thought about holding off with my picks, but I run the show here so away we go!

*these picks are in random order
John McCain

  • Newt Gingrich: this would bring a level of intellect to the campaign that is currently missing & would solidify him with conservatives (although they’ll probably vote for him anyway).
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison: conservative senator from Texas.
  • Michael Steele: former lt. governor of Maryland; also, an African-American Republican (yes, they do exist).
  • Mitt Romney: a smart guy but he wouldn’t help with those conservative already skeptical of McCain.
  • Joe Lieberman: an Independent & former Democratic vp candidate who is already supporting McCain.

Barack Obama

  • Bill Richardson: NM governor with a strong resume who may help secure votes in the Latino community.
  • Chris Dodd: smart & experienced senator.
  • Jim Webb: Virginia senator & Secretary of the Navy under Reagan who would add military experience to the ticket which, for some reason, you need to run for president.
  • Kathleen Sebelius: two-term governor of a very red state (KS) & a strategic pick to possibly secure those Clintonites who might abandon the Dems if HRC isn’t the nominee.

In the interests of reality, I’m not picking possible running mates for HRC but feel free to do so. I look forward to seeing your responses.

The Queen is (nearly) Dead

February 22, 2008

Another brilliant performance by the Queen of Smarm last night. I’m going to start a petition that she also be appointed the Princess of Petty. After her emotional (media words, not mine) closing remarks at last night’s debate (in which she smugly stated Obama’s language is “change you can Xerox”) I find this story at CNN’s Political Ticker. The Dame of Disengenuiousness. Yeah, that’s the one.

I anticipate her next move will be to uncover Obama’s history of violence (pulling pigtails) and previous collapsed marriage (you know, the one that took place at recess under the slide). Stay tuned…

FOB no more?

January 27, 2008

Watching things unfold in & around South Carolina the past week, as well as a blog entry I recently found, has made me look more critically at the Clinton campaign machine. Jake Tapper, ABC News Senior National Correspondent, wrote this post which caught my eye as it was a member of the “mainstream” press penning a pointedly subjective (and opinionated) piece about Billary. Now, I may not be entirely clear on Tapper’s job duties (reporting or providing commentary or a hybrid of the 2), but it struck me that, in the middle of this political race for president, a journalist (and I’m discounting Fox News for obvious reasons in this statement) would so directly challenge the statements of someone involved in the campaign (and Bill is most assuredly involved).

I was too young to remember Bill’s first campaign & in his second, he didn’t need to attack too hard with Bob Dole sinking his own campaign with such statements as those questioning the addictiveness of tobacco & blaming C. Everett Koop’s criticism of Dole’s tobacco statements on the “liberal media.” In this campaign, Billary has faced a significant, sustained, and unexpected challenge from Obama. As such, their rhetoric has been quite vindictive, especially over the past few weeks.

Going into this election, I didn’t really care for HRC’s smarmy arrogance, but after the recent attacks covering everything from qualifications (in spite of Obama holding elected office longer than HRC) to race-baiting statements (comparisons to Jesse Jackson), my distaste for her & her campaign have been cemented. Bill is certainly no rogue agent & his comments are made with Hill’s tacit approval. So, without really knowing with whom I am going with in this campaign, I can now most certainly say with whom I am not.