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Health fail

March 25, 2010

Ahh, thank you non-flu mystery virus for derailing my life for a few days.  See, it was an honor to be chosen as 1 of 8 employees (out of the 400) system-wide to attend the PLA National Conference this week in Portland.  Then it got a bit more stressful when I jumped into the home buying process & realized that I would be gone for the conference for the week immediately preceding our close date.  Oh yeah, on top of that, I’m working on selling my other house at the last hour & will close on it only days before I close on the new one.

So maybe I shouldn’t have been TOO surprised when I started having headaches, congestion, vomiting, coughing (while the head & lungs throbbed, mind you), sinus pressure, sneezing & fatigue, hitting the high point the morning I was to fly to Portland & thus grounding me in Tulsa!  And how do I know it isn’t the flu?  One of the most uncomfortable tests ever told me so.  It involved sticking what looked like a long cocktail straw up both nostrils into each sinus cavity & scraping around for samples.  We shall see if rest, along with antibiotics & low-grade steroids, do the trick.