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Sweet Home, Chicago

August 6, 2007

I went to Chicago this past weekend to visit my friends, C & J, and their little one, G. I had a fantastic time. I got to explore the not-so-touristy (read: hip) side of the city, a side that I knew existed yet never had the opportunity to visit. Chicago is exactly the kind of scenario that I would envision were I to move for a job: relocating to a vibrant city where I already have an established base of friends. Here are some photos of the trip.

Some highlights:

  • *Seeing my friends
  • *Being introduced to horchata
  • *Never setting ass in a car & walking it off when not taking public transportation
  • *The abundance of local bars & bakeries
  • *The dearth of Starbucks
  • *Grilling & eating out on the roof with a stunning view of the city & a fireworks show
  • *The Bean & the fountains at Millennium Park. Every so often, a face would appear on a giant video screen & eventually spit water onto the kids. In this video, I saw Aaron Eckhart (in town shooting The Dark Knight) amongst the crowd taking photos of the kids playing in the fountain. He’s the blond guy behind the camera in my photos.
  • *The amphitheater at Millennium Park (I wish I could have been there for a performance!)
  • *The view from the roof of C & J’s place:
  • *And finally, getting to sit next to 2 real life a-holes on the flight to Chicago. They were both pecking away on their Blackberries & had to be told by the flight attendant to stop so we could take off. They brushed her off with a, “Yeah, just a sec.” I hope their flight was unpleasant due to the blowing all of my eye-watering belches out of my nostril nearest to them. A-holes.