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Spritzing on my parade

October 15, 2007

So I went downtown to see a film at the Art Museum & a Centennial Parade broke out. Of course, I was again without camera, but others were able to capture some pics: here, here, here, and here . For a guy who hates parades, I had a surprisingly good time. I think having Lady Tinkleton there to encourage my smart ass remarks helped.

I was happy to see Tom Stafford in the parade, but disappointed to see that Shannon Lucid was not. It’s not a badge, but she is probably Bethany’s finest. I was also happy to see Eddie Sutton in the parade & was relieved to see him riding in the back seat for a change.

It was quite surreal to look up & see a stealth bomber just cruising over downtown OKC. I was hoping it would drop a nougat cluster bomb. Alas, no luck.

A note to all future parade planners: if you intend to include a guy with a jet pack as part of the big finale, please have him operate it a bit further from the parade route. Although the folks at the public works department may appreciate his ability to whip the confetti into piles, my head & face did not appreciate the exfoliating blast of dirt & asphalt.