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We live in a Boomerocracy

August 21, 2007

Just when I was beginning to wonder about the states of music & American male sexuality, along comes this little gem to soothe my mind.

Me: Hey guys, what are you doing tonight?
Friends: We’re going to go see The Limp Dicks at the Frowny Hangdown Roadhouse! Wanna go?
Me: Yeah! Awesome! How much is the cover?
Friends: Your entire Social Security pension.

(It’s good to see the most divorced generation in history heralding the message of monogamy & doing so through a catchy lil’ diddy.)

This video brought a reminiscent tear to my eye as I recalled, as a small boy, sitting in on similar impromptu, well-lit jam sessions with my grandfather & his band, The Foam Doughnuts. Papaw would push all the farm equipment to the side of the barn so he & his bandmates could scrub that washboard to praise the tax cuts of Reagan & run a bow across the saw to wistfully recall the Dust Bowl.

Thank you, pharaceutical industry, for birthing this gem. May your marketing womb be fertile for many years to come.