A housing we will go

So I’m in the process of buying a home.  Rather, I should say WE are in the process of buying a home as Lady T & I are doing it together.  It’s a big step down the path towards her becoming the future ex-Mrs. Guy Gadbois.  It is technically my 2nd home but this buying experience is a more “authentic” experience than the 1st one.  The previous go-round, I “bought” my grandmother’s house via a promissory note & my old man did all the legwork compiling the papers I had to sign.  There were no inspections, no appraisal & no realtors involved.  For a check of about $1000 & 45 minutes at an attorney’s office, I had the place.

When my grandmother’s health declined to the point she had to accept the socialist handout that is Medicaid, I had to actually buy the home from her & pay off the promissory note.  Again, no big deal.  I had an appraisal done & had to create a new title as the previous one was lost but again, there were no inspections (thankfully, as I had been battling mold probs) & no realtors.

The process of buying this current house  is drastically different from my previous experiences.  It is all new to me but certainly not unique when compared to the experiences of others.  Closing costs?  Discount points?  TRR?  *forehead slap* FML.  I now understand how the mortgage crisis occurred by selling homes to people who couldn’t afford it & didn’t know\care.

On the front of selling my previous home, it is once again an in-family transaction so I don’t have to worry about inspections or realtors.  A great reward of 72 Dungeons & Dragons players awaits my parents in heaven for the help they’ve given me by buying this house.

As Lady T & I are buying the house together, it has been a great help in having a partner with whom to share the experience of buying & the burden that comes with the process.  Also, since she’s a first time home buyer, we are able to take advantage of the guvment’s largesse & the $8000 tax credit.  Man, that’s gonna be some sweet, sweet coin.

I have some photos of the house so you can all coo over it.  In the meanwhile, here are some interesting tidbits relating to our search:

  • *We only looked at 3 houses with number 3 being the clear winner
  • *We drove around Midtown for nearly 3 hours (whilst I battled a raging sinus infection, I might add) looking at homes for sale & following that up with another hour of online research over these addresses
  • *Our realtor, specializing in Midtown, knew the owners of 2 of the 3 houses we toured
  • *This house is exactly $100,000 more than I paid for my first house
  • *The property taxes on this house are over 3x those of the previous house
  • *A realtor we interviewed  responded to our request for references with “Why? What’s the problem?” The same person asked Lady T & I the same question without the presence of the other, giving us the impression that they were trying to squeeze as much info from us in as sneaky a way as possible

We close at the end of this month & are looking forward to being done with it.  Home buying’s a douche but just like real douche, it’s a normal & necessary thing*.

*Disclaimer: Douche is neither normal nor necessary.

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