Back from the dead

I haven’t written in so long I might as well be shouting into space.  I know what you’re thinking: what the hell does he mean?  I don’t know.  Like many, I suspect Facebook shares some of the blame for killing what used to be a semi-active blog.  I’m sure some of it was getting caught up with life & not devoting the time to writing.  I always enjoyed blogging while I was doing it on a regular schedule.  It stimulated creative processes in me that I enjoyed & that usually lay dormant due to a lack of use.

If nothing else, I could wax poetic about the dramatic changes made to the administrative page for this blog but I figure that will drive the few readers I do have away without having a chance to do so with my droll posts.  Anywho, I hope to start writing again on a regular basis & I hope it’s interesting enough for a few of you out there to keep tuning in.

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