Liberal media?

I have no journalism experience, but something caught my eye with today’s [October 8th, 2008] edition of The Oklahoman.  Below, the image on the left is a scan of a physical copy of today’s Oklahoman with the clear headline “Obama sarcastic; McCain defends.”   For some reason, the online version of today’s paper, found at, has a different headline as you can see in the image on the right: “Economy shapes second debate.”  I found it odd that there are differing headlines between what appears to be the exact same article.  Also weird, the link to the online article is

Now, for those unfamiliar with The Oklahoman, the paper is run by the Gaylord family, a group who has historically injected their conservative political & religious beliefs into many aspects of the paper, i.e. beyond the editorial pages.  They’re like Rupert Murdoch with religion.  The paper has even been named The Worst Paper in America by The Columbia Journalism Review.  In fairness, they have toned down a bit since this scathing article, but a rabid dog without teeth is still rabid, got it?  Am I being too conspiratorial in thinking the editor(s) manipulated the headlines in a format to cast negative light on Obama? I’d appreciate feedback from anyone out there with any journalism cred to help me clear up this situation.

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8 Comments on “Liberal media?”

  1. soulbrotherjwp Says:

    i believe that the Oklahoman is a bunch of bull.

  2. b. dubbinski Says:

    Juurnolizm dregrey to the rescue.

    Headlines differ for separate regions of the state. Whats news to “big city” folk is fodder for front yard trash incinerators to others. They pander, if you will, to the majority readers in a particular area. And let it be noted that the state of Oklahoma turns bright red at the first hint of 7pm est. Not much of a suprise.

  3. Kirsten Says:

    Not surprised but oh so disappointed — yet again — in the Daily Disappointment.

  4. the drizzle Says:

    the paper also differs slightly depending on which edition you have. the one i saw this morning looks the same as your online picture. its not uncommon and not a big deal.

  5. jane Says:

    it wasn’t until almost the 80s that the Oklahoman wouldn’t even put a picture of an african american on the cover — so at least obama made it that far. 😀

  6. JIm Says:

    When most of the people who still subscribe to the Oklahoman tell me they do so simply for the crossword puzzle, I suggest to them to do what I did: buy a book of New York Times crossword puzzles and let the Republican red bleed on those who read simply for self-confirmation and determination. Plus, this way, I’m pre-cycling.

  7. Replicant Says:

    I am not surprised in the least–there is very little redeeming about the paper. Not the lack of arts, the piss poor sports section and the political leanings of the paper is the final nail for me to just avoid it. The Tulsa World is just as bad though so the whole state of Oklahoma has two terrible major papers.

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