Unspectacular meme

Kirsten tagged me to mention six unspectacular things about myself.  This should be a breeze.

1.  Until this past year, I actually folded my “unmentionables” before putting them in the drawer.  I’ve come to realize what a waste of time this was.
2.  If I have the chance (and need) in the morning, I can easily drink a pot of coffee by noon.
3.  I, like Ovidia, must travel whilst brushing my teeth.
4.  The older I’ve gotten, the later I stay up.  That seems backwards to me.
5.  I have blown out two sleep masks this year but continue to wear one of them with the material falling off. (I’m a light sleeper & I blame the manufacturer).
6.  I have an inordinate amount of spices for a single person who occasionally cooks.

Tagging it forward, I choose Gringo Noir, Bracken, The Danged, and Adjective Queen.

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