MCM, pt 7: Wrapup

Some memorable events from my trip:

  • The unending kindness & service of the hotel staff.  They went out of their way to accommodate our medical needs & took a real interest in Randy’s progress
  • Being shocked at so many who were smoking at a sports bar (in Oklahoma, you can only smoke under a blanket in your safe room with the lights off) then being shocked at my prudish reaction
  • Seeing a group of 12 year old boys belly up to the actual bar to play video poker (I knew they were 12 because their username for the video game was “Big Hooters”)
  • Watching the presidential debate in the lobby of my hotel.  The audience numbered about 40 people & consisted other hotel guests, hotel staff, Secret Service agents protecting some foreign heads of state, and quite a few in traditional (Asian) Indian dress.  To me it really reflected the significance of the diversity in and the importance of this election
  • Having my cart stolen at Wal Mart.  Seriously, Detroit, why do you have to live up to the stereotype?  Oh well, at least I wasn’t shot.
  • The Lyndie LaRouche barbershop quartet serenading those of us in line for the Obama-Biden rally.  Although the weather was decent, I got tired of waiting in the enormous crowd & being yelled at by stupid volunteers so I left.  It’s not like I haven’t met BO before.  Also, the way people were swooning was a bit nauseating.

Thanks again to everyone’s kind words & thoughts.

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One Comment on “MCM, pt 7: Wrapup”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for the fun chatter . . and for keeping in touch with your dad and his ordeal. I will be so glad when they are back in OKC and all is well again. You take care.

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