MCM, pt 5

All is well.  As mentioned earlier, the prostate was removed & there was no sign that the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes.  They got him up to walk around earlier tonight between 5 & 6 EST, but he got woozy (due to being off his feet for about 10 hours & the anaesthesia) so they put him back in bed.  The dr said it was no big deal.  Anywho, tomorrow consists of the “growup” sessions where they go to classes & I go to therapy.  Here’s some photos.

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5 Comments on “MCM, pt 5”

  1. Richard Says:

    Glad to hear that “all is well.” We give praise to God and to skilled physicians! That looks like a massive hospital. Thanks for the update, Tim!

  2. Peter K Says:

    Excellent news. Hope the rest of the stay goes as well, but with much less stressful.

  3. Peter K Says:

    I meant ‘much less stress’.

  4. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for the pictures . .so thankful that it was successful and we trust
    the lLord for a complete healing. Tim we so appreciate being so well
    connected to you all. Love you a bunch

  5. JCH Says:

    Tell him we are thinking of him. (And hoping to see some mildy embarassing pictures.) Don’t disappoint us.

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