Thank you, Internets, for finding everything

This Sunday, the minor league baseball team in St. Paul, Minnesota will be giving away a great prize to its first 2500 fans. The prize allegedly is in honor of National Tap Dance Day but it is clearly meant to honor Senator Larry Craig of “hypocritical right wing Republican who was foot tapping in a stall in the men’s bathroom of the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport to solicit sex from an undercover officer then blaming it on a wide stance once he was caught” fame. The “bobblefoot” will no doubt end up on eBay soon.

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3 Comments on “Thank you, Internets, for finding everything”

  1. Replicant Says:

    I read about this and thought it was a hoax–guess not. This team is owned by a famous baseball family–the Veeck family. They are notorious for doing crazy things to attract fans…Bill Veeck used to own a major league team although my memory is slipping to which one.

    Speaking of baseball…thought we were going to go see a game?

  2. Damon Says:

    hey, everything alright with you? I’ve been derelict with my blog, but you’ve been derelicter. Just checking in.

  3. B. Dubbins Says:

    YEAH, what Damon said!

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