A useless composite of zinc and copper for your thought?

I don’t use pennies. I don’t collect pennies. I don’t, for the most part, keep pennies. To the chagrin of my grandmother, I even throw pennies away. It’s my little protest against the uselessness of the penny. And today I found out that I’m not the only one who does it. Not only does it cost more than $.01 to manufacture a penny, due to inflation, it’s not worth what it used to be (and yes, I know that it costs more that $.05 to make a nickel, but one petty battle at a time).

I wear it proudly when I pay for an item only to walk away from my $.04 change. I’m more than happy for that change to go into the community penny receptacle or that modified coffee or paint can with the picture of a person needing surgery that seems to occupy every service counter. I can only image the other customers whispering to each other, “Man, that bad ass has a heart of gold.” Only then, as I’m leaving, do I throw my fist into the air as I head out, bolstered by the sounds of Simple Minds.

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