Trivia for the sports\trivia inclined

This question originated here.

“In major league sports [Major League Baseball, Football (NFL & Canadian FL), Hockey (NHL) and Basketball (NBA)] there are only 8 teams whose names do not end in the letter ‘S’. What are they?”

I was able to come up with 6 before throwing in the towel. Give it a shot & reply with your results.

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4 Comments on “Trivia for the sports\trivia inclined”

  1. brain Says:

    white sox
    red sox
    angels of anaheim

    Ang and I only got 5 on our own. We looked up the rest.

  2. Guy Gadbois Says:

    The Angels aren’t one. Here’s a hint: the last team doesn’t come from football or basketball.

  3. St.Fiacre Says:

    Must be the Minnesota Wild.

    Bonus pick from CF — my hometown faves, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane.

  4. B. Dubbinski Says:

    The Packer
    The Laker
    and The Yankee.
    (in comes the towel)


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