The Sooner Magic Fee

I’m glad to see that something productive is coming from the one alma mater that I will claim.

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7 Comments on “The Sooner Magic Fee”

  1. brain Says:


  2. […] 27, 2007 Armchair tour of OU Posted by Kirsten under Oklahoma , fun , school  OK, so this little video is actually more of a poke at OU’s budget priorities than anything else, but for anyone […]

  3. JCH Says:

    I saw this! The parking thing was so funny — and, sadly — so true.

  4. Bob Stoops Says:

    As long as I get my trusty SUV backed up the fieldhouse, it’s a good day.

  5. dale Says:

    It was riveting and compelling. I could not divert my eyes for a moment, lest I miss an important fact. The acting was Classical Shakespearian, particularly after the warning about walking in the bike path. I was brought to tears by the climatic ending with the Golden Retriever. This is must see by anyone with interests in higher education for today’s youth and touches on the very foundation of our democracy in the highest of Jeffersonian ideals.

  6. jen Says:

    It was enjoyable to watch… too bad the part about the parking is true. As someone who has to look and look and look for parking, I do not understand the need for this gigantic pool… but then, duh, I only work at OU.

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