Take Me Back to Tulsa

So I made it to Dfest Friday, primarily to see the Flaming Lips. Before I get to that, here are my 2 favorite Dfest moments:

1. Me (addressing a cop on a bike): Hey, do you have any pegs? I’m tired of walking.
Cop (hitting his brakes & responding indignantly): Did you just ask if I have any X?!?
Me (laughing): No, man. I said do you have any pegs?
Cop (laughing): Oh.
Me:Yeah, like I’d ask you for X. I’m just going to go ahead & slap on these handcuffs that I brought with me, ok?

2. A guy I was standing by at the Lips show was apparently the designated joint distributor (and smoker) for northeastern Oklahoma. Later in the evening, one of his clients thanked me for getting him high, overlooking the actual supplier, by giving me a pack with 5 cigarettes left. I offered them to Potsy, to which he replied, “No thanks. I don’t smoke.” Riiiiight…

Ok. So the Lips show was mostly great as the pictures may show. In spite of this, they did commit a cardinal sin. At some point during the show, Wayne Coyne, the lead singer, began an anti-Bush screed which lasted over the course of a couple of songs. It’s not the content of his message that offended me: it’s his abuse of power. He has a captive audience that came to see rock & not the insights of Joe Music. Whether it’s REM or Ted Nugent, I can’t stand when musicians feel the need to provide political or social opinions. When you’re talkin, you’re not rockin, so shut up & get to it.

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2 Comments on “Take Me Back to Tulsa”

  1. Replicant Says:

    I agree–the stage is for songs, not political rants…Wayne kind of has the big head now so I guess he can deliver political opinions.

    By the way, over the weekend I found a local store that carries Boylan Soda Pop–an elite sugar cane pop that is some of the best in the nation. Ha. After our pop talk on Friday I thought you’d like to hear that…

  2. Guy Gadbois Says:

    It ain’t no Kentucky Nip, but it’ll do.

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