Crazy Love (the bad kind, not the Van Morrison kind)

Here’s what I do know: Burt Pugach is a piece of shit.

Last night, Curly Sue & I saw “Crazy Love” at the OKC Museum of Art Theater. It is a documentary about the bizarre relationship of Burt Pugach & Linda Riss. These two began dating back in the 50s. Once Linda found out Burt was married, he promised a divorce & forged divorce papers to prove he was going to follow through. After a few more months of dating & research, Linda found out that he was not going to get a divorce, so she left him. Burt began calling her non-stop, following her, paying people to throw rocks at her window & even considered hiring someone to beat her up so she would run back to him for protection!

Linda began dating another man & one night, Burt hid out in the shadows with a gun, determined to kill him, but he could not go through with it. Instead, showing superior judgment, he hired a couple of guys to deliver an “engagement” gift to Linda’s apartment to congratulate her on her upcoming nuptials. When Linda answered the door, these guys proceeded to throw lye in her face, blinding & disfiguring her.

Burt was eventually arrested & after serving the crazy, hallowed role of “that guy” who fires his attorneys to serve as his own attorney, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He began to write Linda from prison & at her demand, send money. Burt was paroled & began to call her again. For some reason, her friends thought it would be a good idea to set up a meeting with everyone so they could clear the air & by the end of the meeting, Burt had proposed to her AND SHE EVENTUALLY ACCEPTED!

In the 80s, Burt was sued by a woman he was having an affair with, claiming he threatened to “blind her like he did Linda” & Linda publicly came to his defense, not contesting the fact that he had an affair, but the words he allegedly uttered. I didn’t think it possible to lose sympathy for a victim of a heinous assault, but Linda proved me wrong. Here’s a review of the film.

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