Okie Noodling

Cherishing my cultural DNA, I went to the 8th Annual Okie Noodling Festival. I had a great time & we didn’t have too much rain. Once the clouds broke, it was actually quite hot. Below are the photos from the event. I will post more as I receive them.

8th Annual Okie Noodling Festival
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7 Comments on “Okie Noodling”

  1. Tethys Says:

    ummm What exactly is noodling?? from the pics looks like hand fishing to me but then im not an okie either .

  2. Guy Gadbois Says:

    Noodling is exactly that: hand fishing.

  3. Tethys Says:

    thank you some folks just gotta use words that make things more complicated than they are .

  4. JCH Says:

    The big question of the day is, did you noodle?

  5. Guy Gadbois Says:

    Besides being a big wiener, I think they had some kind of insurance issue preventing me from doing so.

  6. Replicant Says:

    Ah, yes, my Okie pride comes bubbling to the surface when I see some good old fashioned noodling photos!

  7. Tom Says:

    Noodling is an age old hunting practice that derived from the native americans. Noodling USED to be a dying sport but there are still a few of us good ol country boys lookin for cheap thrills. Check out our site, we have pics of our outings and a small video trailer of our 2007 season, which due to the heavy rain fall, was quite short! We are okie noodlers http://www.okienoodlers.com

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