How bizarre, how bizarre

WordPress has some neat management features for blogs that they host that allow you to view features like the amount of daily traffic over the last 30 days, the webpages that people came from to get to my blog & my personal favorite: the terms people used in search engines to get to my blog. I’ve been compiling a list of these terms & while some do make sense, based on past posts, some are just downright bizarre:

ladies of the pen
what benefits do veterans get in generil
deadcenter awards
“my most recent brush with death”
Count Choculitis
embarrassment pee
lesser spotted eagle
embarrassment pranks
eagle bathroom apparel
turquoise stirrup
Douglas Spotted Eagle
bald eagle guitar
James Gandolfini
james gandolfini homo

I can’t wait to see what kind of traffic I get after this post as I hope to make this entry the first in a series of bizarre search terms.

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