This would be funny if it weren’t true


Our offices are plastered with the real versions of this kind of motivational crap, so I was glad to discover the one above. Unfortunately, it doesn’t wipe the rest of the posters from my memory. Examples:

Gee, I’m really sad that my dad has cancer, but look how cute those kittens are, hangin’ in there on that piece of rope & encouraging me to do the same!

“I didn’t stumble 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention that had 1001 steps”–Thomas Edison. Hey, here’s step 1002: Turn off the light so I don’t have to see your dumb poster.

I don’t know, perplexed-looking chimpanzee dressed in a business suit & seated before a mound of paperwork, have I used my brain today? Answer: yes. It decided that your poster sucks.

When the decor in your office make the Weekly Reader offerings look advanced, you’ve got problems.

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2 Comments on “This would be funny if it weren’t true”

  1. the drizzle Says:

    real versions? i dont think there is a single, real motivational poster in the office

  2. Guy Gadbois Says:

    the edison one as well as the other one about enthusiasm? you’ve probably blocked them out after seeing them so much.

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