Wrapping up the trilogy of film postings

I recently had a free month’s subscription to NetFlix, so I thought I’d see how many movies I could stuff into a month. Although my queue reached 30 movies, I was only able to watch 19 & had to send 3 back without watching them because, frankly, I got tired of watching movies & didn’t want to commit the time it would take to watch The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Manchurian Candidate, and Seven Samurai. I will eventually get around to watching them but I prefer to do it when I’d enjoy them instead of simply racing to beat the end of my trial.

In a tribute to CineRobot, here are the films I did watch & my ratings:

Barton Fink – 3
The Hudsucker Proxy – 4
Infamous – 4
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – 4
Wordplay – 4
Fast Food Nation – 1
Manhattan – 2
Sweet and Lowdown – 4
American Psycho – 3
The Machinist – 2
12 Angry Men (1957) – 5
The Queen – 3
The Clearing – 2
The Dirty Dozen – 5
On the Waterfront – 3
Bonnie and Clyde – 3
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – 2
Miller’s Crossing – 4
The Motorcycle Diaries – 4

Feel free to comment on your thoughts about these movies or their ratings & I’ll equally feel free to ignore them.

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5 Comments on “Wrapping up the trilogy of film postings”

  1. Ike Says:

    Are we to assume that the scale is such that a higher number indicates a better movie?

  2. JCH Says:

    Have you seen the African Queen? That’s a good one. Butch Cassidy, a 4? Sheesh! I guess you were hoping for a happy ending.

  3. Guy Gadbois Says:

    No, but I’ll add it to my list. And whaddya mean that wasn’t a happy ending. Didn’t you ever hear a Mr. Jon Bon Jovi croon about going down in a “Blaze of Glory?”

  4. Replicant Says:

    Yes. Very nice. I see you were getting into some Coen Brothers. I love the Hudsucker Proxy. I think it is one of there best and is really underrated.

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