Movie time

I swore that this wasn’t going to be one of those, “So, I haven’t written in a while posts,” but it is. I was doing some random Centennial surfing last week & somehow made it to the website of a place I used to haunt. OKC Rocks is a climbing gym built in some old grain silos in downtown OKC. For most of my college years (and a few years after that), some friends & I were avid climbers. We routinely visited this place along with natural spots in the Wichitas, Arkansas, and various other places.

Anyway, somewhere within the OKC Rocks site I noticed something called The Renegade Picture Show. Apparently, someone has painted a giant movie screen on the backside of the gym & every so often, they’ll show movies just like a drive-in theater. Those in attendance are invited to bring a radio, whether a ghetto blaster or built into your car’s dash, in order to listen to the movie. The screenings are supported by donations, too, which I think is a better way to get the community involved than is an arbitrary, inflated price. If it doesn’t rain this Friday, I hope to go. Any & all lurkers to this blog, as well as those out in the open, are invited to go. Get with me if you’re interested. That email again is\

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2 Comments on “Movie time”

  1. Joey Says:

    It’s cancelled, bitch! That really deflated your sack, aye?

  2. Replicant Says:

    I’m going to try and come to one of these! Seems like a great way to get into the spirit of watching a movie and you know I’m into that.

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