Crying a tear of creamy, white gravy

Ironic: My first response to the death of an “agent of intolerance” is itself snide & intolerant.

So here’s a new contest: post your most snide comment & the winner gets public praise & adoration, maybe even a guest entry on this very blog. Here’s a start, concocted by my brother & I: “Well, Jerry Falwell didn’t believe in global warming.” “Yeah, it looks like he didn’t believe in cholesterol or moderation, either.” Fire away.

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2 Comments on “Crying a tear of creamy, white gravy”

  1. JCH Says:

    I thought he was pro-life!

  2. Grue Hair Man Says:

    The worst part is that 10 other fundies are going to step up to take his place.

    He’s preachin ta demons now šŸ˜‰

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