Tek suppowt, holla!

Background: A student brought his roommate’s laptop to my office because he needed help retrieving his paper for finals & was having trouble doing so as his roommate got mad at the sluggish speed of the laptop & slammed it on the table, thus rendering it inoperable. He left a phone number to call when I had retrieved the paper & this is the transcript of the conversation upon calling that number:

Them: Ullo?
Me: Hi, is X there?
Them: Who?
Me: (in a condescending, drawing out of the name) Ecccccckkkkssss.
Them: Nah, wrong numba. Wait, dis da bailbondsmuh?
Me: What?
Them: Da bailbondsmuh?
Me: No.
Them: Aight den.


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One Comment on “Tek suppowt, holla!”

  1. Ike Says:

    There are too many kigabytes in my inbox!!!!111one

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