She don’t know a cuss word from shinola

     Begrudgingly, I was shopping at the local (read: nearest) Super Megalo-Mart because, dammit, it had everything I needed & was closer to my house than the competing Super Giganto-Mart at which I would prefer to shop. As I passed the electronics section, I figured I’d swing by to see if they had any Wii remotes. I have a friend who, after 3 weeks of shopping & being left at the altar at midnight by Super Megalo-Mart, recently bought a Wii but could not find an additional controller. In front of me, there was a woman, on her cell phone, with her 3 year old trailing behind. As is natural, the 3 year old was drawn to the public use gaming system. Her mom stopped, ostensibly to watch her child play over the child’s shoulder, but continued to be more involved in her phone conversation. As I got closer to them, I heard the mom say into the phone, “Well, he needs to get his shit together” just as casually as one might say, “Hello.”

     Now, I don’t have kids. And I don’t have Dobsonian insight as how to best raise children (thankfully). But it seems to me (hitching my thumbs under my suspenders) that ain’t the kind of tawk to use in fronta yer 3 year old. Maybe the issue I have with this event was the careless use of language in front of her child. Is this too Puritanical on my part? I tend to think not. I do think, however, that a trip to the Cuss Control Academy should be in her near future.

     Don’t get me wrong, toddlers & profanity can be hilarious in context. My parents have recounted stories of when I was an infant & they would amuse their friends by adorning me with sunglasses & a cigarette & dance me around like Elvis. That kind of manipulation makes me look forward to having puppets…..I mean children.

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