The French Disconnection

     My dad recently told me a story that really struck a chord. He went to visit my grandmother & when he walked in her room, she was asleep with her foot sticking out of the bed (oddly enough, my other side of the family sleeps this way). He tickled her foot & she stirred a little bit but did not wake up. He did it again & she shot awake, snatched the phone by her bed, and answered, “Hello?” She may have been dreaming & that dream sequence may have caused her to respond the way she did. Ultimately, she knew someone was trying to contact her & her visceral (read: neural) response was to answer the phone.

     Ever since her hospital stint, it’s like her brain has rebooted & she has been slowly piecing things back together. At least she doesn’t refer to me as her nephew anymore. I don’t know what effect, if any, the trauma she experienced has had on her brain (she was loopy before this ordeal), but I thought it was fascinating that she reacted the way she did. All you lurking philosophizers can mull this over & get back to me with your findings.

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