Ribbed, for his embarrassment

     My mom’s uncle died a few weeks ago, so we packed up & headed out to No Man’s Land for his funeral. On the way back, in some miscellaneous gas station, I noticed a “novelty item” machine in the men’s bathroom. The planets had aligned because it was the first time that I had ever been in possession of 3 quarters & in proximity to such a machine. I had to make a purchase. Not only did I have to make a purchase; I had to make a purchase for my dad.

     You see, my dad embarrasses EASILY. I knew he’d laugh or brush me off when I gave it to him personally (not in front of a crowd), so that’s what I planned.

     Fast forward a couple of weekends: He is speaking at a church retreat & his group stops at a gas station, probably (based on this group’s average age) to pee. By the way, he’s “in like Flynn” with this crowd, especially with the ladies. So he’s at the counter, attempting to pay for his items with a brood of these hens surrounding him like dirt on Pigpen. As he reaches in his pocket to get some change, a certain glow-in-the-dark, studded item magically reappears & falls to the floor, drawing the attention of all. With footwork that would have made Ronaldinho proud, he booted it under the counter, but the hens had spotted it like a fat worm after a rain. It was like I had preset a joke bomb to go off a some point in the future. Regardless of its intent, I smiled at my accidental genius.

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2 Comments on “Ribbed, for his embarrassment”

  1. Tex Says:

    . . .because even though he was embarrassed, he couldn’t resist telling you about it.

  2. JCH Says:

    That is one of the most hilarious pieces of parental embarrassment pranks I’ve ever heard of. Knowing your dad, oh god, I wish I’d been there to see it.

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