Things that peeve me

  1. Cavalier use of the word “retarded” to describe an irritant
  2. Fluorescent nail polish
  3. ALL animal prints
  4. Long, rambling email signatures
    [I really don’t need to read a dialog between Lucy & Mr. Tumnus or a 9 line Gaelic proverb in every email you respond to. Really don’t.]
  5. The use of baby talk by someone needing my help unless “my help” means a kick to the face
  6. French tip manicures & pedicures
  7. The phrase “computer illiterate”
    [Do you tell your mechanic you’re “automobile illiterate?”]
  8. Thick, white athletic socks worn to non-athletic events (work, social events, everyday life)
  9. The response “No problem” when you thank someone
  10. Conversely, when someone thanks me with the phrase, “Thank ya, sir.”
    [I think this stems from years of hearing local news banter]
  11. Meg Alexander (she’s a combo of a few of the above items)
  12. Spitting in public
  13. Denim shirts worn by yuppies
  14. Camouflage worn to be stylish
  15. The band Rush
  16. Toe rings
  17. Guys who wear sleeveless t-shirts except when mowing or sporting

If you exhibit any of these qualities, don’t freak out the next time you’re around me, ok? I won’t bring down my hammer of justice (unless you’re Meg Alexander). I’ll just sit there & get over myself….and silently judge you.

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3 Comments on “Things that peeve me”

  1. St. Fiacre Says:

    In the library, “I’m computer illiterate” is code for, “here’s what you’ll be doing for me today.”

  2. Tex Says:

    Don’t forget expresso.

  3. Replicant Says:

    Tom Sawyer has some of the best analogue synthesizer you’ll likely hear on FM radio. I have to turn that up and shout it out when I hear it in the car.

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