Circle gets the square

     I was in Tulsa today for work & had lunch with Replicant. We were in school together & both went to the class in Santa Fe. (note: This blog is not going to recount every memory from Santa Fe. Seriously.) It was great to touch base with him again. He just passed comps, so I wanted to feed him as much beer & Mexican food as I could at lunch & if you know Replicant, those totals equated to none & moderate, respectively. We stick out by being minorities (male) in our chosen field & share the same love affair for everything Jerry Bruckheimer touches. Replicant is involved with the local film scene in Tulsa & invited me to some showings at the Circle. I hope to take him up on some of these films, even if they are in Tulsa. The Circle seems to have a more intimate, individual feeling with their film selection than does the OKCMOA which should be expected as they’re quite different entities. It would also be a chance to hang out with Replicant more & meet a new crowd of interesting folks. We’ll see where this goes.

     And McClure Park in Tulsa has a really great disc golf course 🙂

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One Comment on “Circle gets the square”

  1. Replicant Says:

    Bruce Lee looked amazing this past weekend, slow motion, fists/feet so fast the camera could barely catch him kicking the crap out of various bad guys.

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