Let the eagle soar

     While in Santa Fe this past summer, there was a bazaar held in the Plaza. They had booths selling everything from turquoise jewelry to turquoise stirrups to honey roasted almonds rolled in shards of turquoise. One booth that caught my eye allowed people to have their picture taken with a bald eagle in front of a majestic background in a physical recreation of those majestic items of clothing.

     Hoping the eagle would flip out and mistake a bystander for a field mouse, I began to watch the process intently. After a few disappointing, violence-free minutes, I began to lose hope when someone, nay, something caught my eye. For reference purposes, let’s call him Buffalo Doug Grimes. I see Buffalo Doug approach the booth & pay his fee for a photo with Haliaeetus leucocephalus. Had their been a Wild West show in town, I wouldn’t have been nearly as impressed at the visage of this caricature. The fact that he had not only consciously constructed this look, but had also thought, “Man, I really need to hit the Plaza bazaar today to score some turq & maybe catch a pic with an eagle” left me (at the time) with few words. I hope these photos can do the experience justice.


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2 Comments on “Let the eagle soar”

  1. allmyanc Says:

    Where’s your pic?

  2. brandi Says:

    How did I miss the eagle booth?

    (by the way this is brandi who was on the Santa Fe trip)

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