Degrees of disingenuity

     Not long ago, I had jury duty. As is the norm, I was dreading it. Going into it, I think I was dreading the process of the cattle call whereby we’re all placed into a giant pen & forced to make nice until our names are called. Fortunately, I was in the second group called that morning & by 11:30, I was sitting on a jury. The case dealt with drug possession and it only took a day of testimony for us to find the defendant guilty. For me, the most difficult (and frustrating, and disheartening, and dismaying…) part of the trial was the sentencing. We had to sentence for being in possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute and being in possession of proceeds from a drug sale. According to the sentencing guidelines, the defendant was facing a minimum of 6 years in prison. There were at least 4 other jurors who wanted to sentence this person to 50 years! The juror who irked me most with her summation of her thinking (and her chuckling about the defendant’s new surroundings) was, “Well, he’s getting off easy ’cause he’s gonna’ get in there & get an education.” I wanted to grab her by her jowels & shake her to death. I couldn’t believe this woman was being so disingenuous regarding the sentencing of this person. I was so shocked at her insincerity that I tried to find another similar situation in my past as a point of reference & guide for my action. Unfortunately, what I found bore little importance to the current situation.

     The month prior to jury duty, I took my cat to the vet for shots. My family has been taking our animals to this particular vet for nearly 20 years now, so there is an established relationship. I suspect that being a veterinarian carries a certain level of stress as do most other professions. And I also understand that ongoings in one’s personal life can adversely affect their behavior in the workplace, but this trip to the vet contained a couple instances of insincerity that I found just plain weird. When the vet came in, he greeted me with something like, “So, how are things in your neck of the woods?” A generic greeting yet specific enough that it usually sticks in one’s mental craw. I gave a generic response, which he acknowledged, & not 10 seconds later, he repeated the same greeting. I know he was busy & focused on examining my cat, but I guess his need to fill in the “dead air” with conversation overrode his short-term memory.

     Now, how the hell does a trip to the vet relate to jury duty? Read the title of this posting.

     P.S. A funny note from my trip to the vet was when he asked how old I was. I replied with my age & then, in the ridiculous voice that pet owners reserve for & use only with their pets, I looked at my cat & said, “And how old are you, kitty?” Without hesitating, the vet replied, “Oh, I’m 53.” I think I liked that instance of insincerity the most.

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One Comment on “Degrees of disingenuity”

  1. Tex Says:

    This makes me wonder if we should shop for a new vet. Of if this is just an occupational hazard. I don’t see it happening on E-Vets, I have to say.

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