Less ass, more mountain

     Last summer, I was enrolled in a class that went to Santa Fe, New Mexico to study the use of libraries in native cultures. One day we had a trip scheduled to Bandalier National Monument. Along the road that led down into the canyon, our van stopped at a scenic byway so we could get out & take pictures. I observed an instance where an otherwise mild-mannered children’s librarian handed her camera to a fellow student so that they could take a picture of her & some classmates. When the would-be photographer asked her how she wanted the picture taken, I heard this librarian respond, “Less ass, more mountain.”

     Upon hearing this, I burst into laughter. I relayed this to a girlfriend at the time who also happened to be on the trip, and she responded with a gasp and a “Really?!? She’s a children’s librarian!” Upon re-entering the van & traveling down the road, I thanked the librarian-in-question for the laugh. Looking perplexed, she asked what I meant, so I recited the story. With a mild look of shock, she responded, “Oh no, I would never say that. I said less us, more mountain.” No matter. I have my alternate reality full of misheard phrases…and unicorns.

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One Comment on “Less ass, more mountain”

  1. St. Fiacre Says:

    Aw, I give up. I was trying to make a joke with ‘ass’ and Frijoles Canyon, but couldn’t do it.

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