Geriatric comedy

     So a while back, my grandmother was hospitalized with what we thought at the time was colon cancer. As such, she was hospitalized for a while & we had the sense that she was “on the clock.” Needless to say, we were spending as much time with her as we could & trying to cherish each moment. The catch was: she wasn’t always in her “right” mind.

     Example: my father, brother, and I were with her in her room in ICU, cutting up & trying to keep things light. My dad was at her bedside when she grabbed him and said, “Now listen.” Immediately, the 3 of us became silent & provided her with our undivided attention. She held my father’s hand, looked into his eyes, and said, “Now listen. You’re the son. And I’m the mother. And God is the father. I’m not God. And his son……..well, I lost it.” I don’t think there was ever louder laughter to be heard from the intensive care unit.

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